This invention is submitted a proposal for the LASKER AWARD 2024 and HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL ‘WARREN ALPERT PRIZE’ 2024 and EUROPEAN INVENTOR AWARD 2024.

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This Invention receives WORLD’s Prestigious GHP– GLOBAL The HEALTHCARE and PHARMACEUTICAL Award Winner in 2023, STAFFORDSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM. This Invention also receives WORLD’s Prestigious ‘INNOVATION EXCELLENCE AWARD 2024-‘ Award. CIO BULLETIN INNOVATION EXCELLENCE AWARD Winner in 2024, NEW JERSEY-UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Our Invention also receives WORLD’s Prestigious ‘THE SILICON REVIEW 30 FABULOUS COMPANY 2024 AWARD . 30 FABULOUS INVENTION AWARD WINNER IN 2024, NEW JERSEY- UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The EUROPEAN INVENTOR AWARD 2024; The finalists will be revealed six weeks … Continue reading “This invention is submitted a proposal for the LASKER AWARD 2024 and HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL ‘WARREN ALPERT PRIZE’ 2024 and EUROPEAN INVENTOR AWARD 2024.”

Patent Rights

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Please see the patent rights for THE INVENTION EP 2626704B1 (local copy). Procalcitonin Kit and Diagnostic Device Producers and Diagnostic Companies. Procalcitonin test users  or Public –Private Medical Institutions. If you see any suspicious patent infringement of EP 2626704B1 please send an e-mail or direct contact with the patent owner Dr. Mehmet Ali SOYLEMEZ All patent violators will face to patent infringement sue. All procalcitonin kit producers and users must see claims of Patented Invention EP 2626704B1. Claims Procalcitonin immunoassay … Continue reading “Patent Rights”

Resume of the Inventor – Mehmet Ali Söylemez, MD

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     PRIMARY LOCATION:ISTANBUL-TURKEY PositionCLINICAL GENETICIST ResidencyMARMARA UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Visitor for Medical ResearchHARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL COUNTWAY LIBRARY OF MEDICINE Medical SchoolISTANBUL UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Every Diabetic patient and their family are different, with own unique needs. My scientific goal is to design an individual diagnostic treatment plan to help each and every one of diabetic patients to achieve the best outcome possible.’     I aim to make difference by empowering healthcare professionals in their clinical decision making, … Continue reading “Resume of the Inventor – Mehmet Ali Söylemez, MD”


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The Invention policy is based on the following References. Inventor Dr. Mehmet Ali SÖYLEMEZ discovered first time, the utility of the biomarker PROCALCITONIN in DIABETES MELLITUS. More than 49 peer reviewed* publications have followed, substantiating PROCALCITONIN as one of the most promising biomarker tools for DIABETES MELLITUS of healthcare.  Please see the papers… 1-SÖYLEMEZ MEHMET ALİ., A Novel Mechanism between Type II Diabetes Mellitus and Procalcitonin Gene Expression; Molecular Therapy 11:S346-S346 · May 2005. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF GENE THERAPY 8th Annual Meeting … Continue reading “References”


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The method is useful for performing in vitro diagnosis of pancreatic diabetes mellitus and/or pancreatic diabetes mellitus complications chosen from diabetic microangiopathy, retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, retinopathy, macroangiopathy and diabetic foot syndrome and/or risk stratification of pancreatic diabetes mellitus, for assessing degree of severity and for assessing the course of pancreatic diabetes mellitus, preferably type II diabetes mellitus, and its sequelae and concomitant illnesses, preferably endothelial dysfunction, hyperlipoproteinemia, hypertensive dysregulation of the cardiovascular system, diabetic microangiopathy, retinopathy, nephropathy, renal insufficiency, neuropathy, … Continue reading “Summary”

Invention Details

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There are currently 529 million people living with diabetes mellitus. 12% of global health expenditure is spent on diabetes. Approximately 46% of people living with diabetes are doing so without a full and proper diagnosis.  This low to no maintenance approach to disease management is not only dangerous but also significantly contributes to health care costs both in the short and long term. INVENTOR Inventor Dr. Mehmet Ali SOYLEMEZ discovered for the first time, the utility of the biomarker ‘’PROCALCITONIN’’ … Continue reading “Invention Details”


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1-Plasma procalcitonin and risk of type 2 diabetes in the general population Comparative Study Diabetologia. 2011 Sep;54(9):2463-5.  Ali Abbasi et al., UNIVERSITY of CAMBRIDGE , UNITED KINGDOM PMID: 21674177 DOI: 10.1007/s00125-011-2216-3 In type 1 and type 2 diabetics, Procalcitonin is strongly associated with development of diabetes complications. The Procalcitonin level is elevated in individuals that later develop type 2 diabetes, Procalcitonin is elevated in type 2 diabetes and strongly associated with the development of diabetes complications. In a British cohort of healthy individuals significantly … Continue reading “PROCALCITONIN and DIABETES MELLITUS”